one more week then we’ll see


I did not have a good day. I barely made it home. My breathing was labored and my head was…

would have

today would’ve been a good day to be alone would’ve been a lot hit me in waves today today was…

more time

Just one of those nights when the clock keeps going and my brain won’t fucking stop. It’s on me now.…


오늘도 생각했다. 그때를 기다리며 기도하는 나 아직 답을 찾으며 그냥 일만 하고 하루를 지냈다 오늘도 바쁜중에 생각만 하고 지내 버렸다.


It’s different. Thinking and seeing are two very different experiences. This will get better right?


paralysis by over-analysis fuck

seeking character (Exodus 4)

Exodus 4 brings us to a lesser known exchange between Moses and the Lord where God extends grace to doubt-filled…


Great is Thy faithfulnessO God my FatherThere is no shadow of turning with TheeThou changest notThy compassions they fail notAs…