deep down

I’m numb right now. But the little moments and glimpses revealed the truth. deep down I’m bleeding


A lot of critical and crucial moments in my life have been dictated by opposing, nay, warring forces at work … More


worth it. but I’m gonna need some more coffee

Leviticus 19:2

But the key in verse 2 rings true to all who belong to “the way” Despite my doubt and circumstances … More

my week so far

so this week was a ride ended my week with house church Thank God for house church, it’s really helping … More


오늘은 조금더 힘이드는날 무엇이든지 상관없이 대화를 했으면 하는날 외냐하면 오늘은 조금더 힘이드는날

sR: my Tolmie prayer

What a terrible blog title. I love and hate that without a thumbnail preview like Youtube, I can’t really clickbait … More

sR: traffic reflections

So I’ve finally hit my threshold. I’ve done a lot of solo drives to Central PA, DMV (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia), and even … More