I did not have a good day. I barely made it home. My breathing was labored and my head was … More

more time

Just one of those nights when the clock keeps going and my brain won’t fucking stop. It’s on me now. … More


오늘도 생각했다. 그때를 기다리며 기도하는 나 아직 답을 찾으며 그냥 일만 하고 하루를 지냈다 오늘도 바쁜중에 생각만 하고 지내 버렸다.

friday morning reflect

The constant nature of sunrise and sunset has always been a paradox because the timing by which, relative to us, … More


마음이 찢어저야 된다고 합니다. 숨통이 막혀야 된다고 합니다. 황당하다는 수준을 넘어가며, 멘붕을 부르는 상황이라고 합니다. 힘이 들었습니다. 마음도 많이 아팠습니다. … More


Today was a day marked with uneasiness. The snow shower blanketing the roads made for an uneasy drive into the … More

road ahead

I asked us. I asked myself. The road ahead just got infinitely harder. We’ll both feel vulnerable and exposed. There’s … More

where I land

Even now, I don’t know where I am. And as the title appropriately communicates – I just don’t know where … More

four hours

in the rain and traffic talking about this and that I have more clarity but still I’m weighed down by … More