walking around

walked around with intention today just wanted to spend an hour taking pictures I could still use more practice.

event planning

Our church’s English ministry ran a drive-thru ministry event. Every year churches around the country gather the children to put … More


I will sit here and let my mind wander because I can’t fight these moments anymore not always, but these … More


What is the value of feeling fulfilled? Is it worth your everything? I’ve been feeling the highs and lows of … More


There’s still trepidation. careful optimism but still unknown. I will be bold But I still fear I need prayer


Not ready But let’s go

prayer still

The peaks and valleys of the sharing and praying brings rhythm to the whole ordeal. The prayer of the youth … More


So needless to say, I’ve been.. adjusting to everything going on. But while I finally have a moment to myself … More


every swipe to scroll through the feed every tap to swipe through each story every conversation asking me how things … More


one more week then we’ll see