Great is Thy faithfulnessO God my FatherThere is no shadow of turning with TheeThou changest notThy compassions they fail notAs … More

whole heart

I once was captive by the enemyHe had me thinking I was out of reachO Jesus, mercy shut his mouth … More


하나님의 응원가는 당신을 끊임없이 위로해 주시고 있습니다.. 이중희 목사님 새벽기도 설교


주님께서는, 하늘에 응원가로 오늘도 응원해 주시고 있습니다. 이중희 목사님 (새벽기도 설교) Even now, the Lord is encouraging you today with … More


I feel the press it’s exciting but I’m also cautious my meticulous sensibilities are in full swing it’s mounting and … More


Today we ate, we laughed and we prayed. Even though it wasn’t perfect, we all came together to make it … More

the long goodbye

Earlier this year, a seminary professor that I’ve come to appreciate passed away. Dr. David Powlison It was Fall 2014 … More