I’ll give thanks

In the morning You sing over meAnd I receive Your mercyYour faithfulness is clear to seeIt’s like the sunriseConstant everyday … More

a prayer

Thank you, Lord, for calling us into Your kingdom and family. May we be faithful vessels of the love your … More


주님께서는, 하늘에 응원가로 오늘도 응원해 주시고 있습니다. 이중희 목사님 (새벽기도 설교) Even now, the Lord is encouraging you today with … More

Leviticus 19:2

But the key in verse 2 rings true to all who belong to “the way” Despite my doubt and circumstances … More

friday morning calling

Oct 4th – Friday – Leviticus 18:19-30 It’s easy to think – why are we reading this? What is this … More

the long goodbye

Earlier this year, a seminary professor that I’ve come to appreciate passed away. Dr. David Powlison It was Fall 2014 … More


And even when the thunderous doubt seizes the momentum we’ve been yearning to envision, it will be the king of … More

may your laws

Let me live so that I can praise you. May your laws keep me going Psalm 119:175 keep me going..

prayer for Richard

Lord Would you be with my friend Richard He was diagnosed three weeks ago with testicular cancer. Two weeks ago … More