plain sight

37 years how many more will speak up? I stand with them hoping that more will stand united hoping that … More

unassuming and silent

the quiet hour where prayers are being whispered along with the solemn instrumental of music for heaven brings the dichotomy … More


I pray and pray but I find myself so lacking what will it take to sum up the courage again … More


Great is Thy faithfulnessO God my FatherThere is no shadow of turning with TheeThou changest notThy compassions they fail notAs … More


To what ends will righting the ship accomplish for the fortune of my future? Was is not the same prayers … More

my everything

Lord, I gave it my all today This was it. It’s all up to you.


Heavenly Father, My uneasiness has not subsided. And most likely, I might feel differently tomorrow morning. But I’m finally at … More

friday morning reflect

The constant nature of sunrise and sunset has always been a paradox because the timing by which, relative to us, … More


주님많이 아시나이, 저에 기도들 인도해 주시고, 우리들에 마음을 지켜 주시며, 하나님에 뜻에 순종하는 우리둘이 되게 하여 주시옵소서. ㅇㅁ