the day is long

Tuesday was just one of those days where I got a lot done but I still feel like there’s so … More

the long goodbye

Earlier this year, a seminary professor that I’ve come to appreciate passed away. Dr. David Powlison It was Fall 2014 … More

with grace

When we look back and reflect on our younger selves, we often cringe and feel the skin crawl as the … More

sR: pavement break

The whole day was meant to represent an instagram guided tour of Seattle. To discover what everyone found delicious and … More

sR: Smile Vancouver

you’re right. this picture is scary sorry. but I’m happy with this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The first day was as tiring … More

heavy shoulders

heavy is the weight that bears down on my shoulder I know not what the answers need be but each … More

ragged sobs

Above the roar of pounding waves, Kya called to the birds. The ocean sang bass, the gulls sang soprano. Shrieking … More

formative: 2006

The air was heavy with the body heat mounting for a thousand plus in attendance. Everyone sitting on top of … More

debrief: closure

“Have you been grieving over your time with the youth?” L.Song More than anything I’ve had to face at this … More


The saddest people put on the happiest faces..