walking around

walked around with intention today just wanted to spend an hour taking pictures I could still use more practice.


It was January 2014 I just finished unpacking my bags from an epic west-coast sojourn through the national parks. The … More

walking with crutches

There are clear moments that define our proverbial crutch Crutch (as defined my Merriam-Webster)a: a support typically fitting under the armpit … More


walking praying thinking blind


I will sit here and let my mind wander because I can’t fight these moments anymore not always, but these … More


What is the value of feeling fulfilled? Is it worth your everything? I’ve been feeling the highs and lows of … More

unassuming and silent

the quiet hour where prayers are being whispered along with the solemn instrumental of music for heaven brings the dichotomy … More

more time

Maybe I’ll just pray some more. Long form thoughts coming soon It’s been a lot