seeking character (Exodus 4)

Exodus 4 brings us to a lesser known exchange between Moses and the Lord where God extends grace to doubt-filled Moses in the form of three signs.

First, Moses is commanded to throw his staff that immediately turns into a snake and then Moses is commanded to grab the tail as the snake is then turned back into a staff

Second, Moses is commanded to put his hand into his cloak. As he takes his hand back out, his hand is turned white as if it had leprosy but Moses is commanded to put his hand back into his cloak and when he takes his hand out, it was clean as if nothing had ever happened.

Finally Moses is commanded to go to Egypt but still Moses doubts and now he brings up an actual physical limitation. Moses has a speech impediment, and expresses doubt. God says that he will be with Moses but also says that He will send Aaron to speak for him.

I am guilty of this exchange. I look for God’s grace in the way and in the form that I want it. I make it a necessity and I find myself praying for something into existence. My stubbornness knows no bound – it has no limit.

These three forms – these three signs reveal our selfishness but also reveals God’s almighty power in existence and in revelation.

The first sign shows us God’s power over creation. He wills to create and destroy at will. The second sign shows God’s power over life and death. What we fear over the matter and idea of life and death, God has complete control over these matters and the demarcation between such matters. Finally, the third sign is God’s power over us. He knows us, He remembers us, and God always stand present with us in times of prosperity and times of need. His faithfulness, like our stubbornness, knows no bounds and stands far above and greater than our stubbornness and our selfishness.

Looking for the goodness of God means to seek His character so that we may know our creator just a little bit more; looking for God’s goodness does not mean we should selectively look for God’s favor just when we feel that we need or deserve it.

Snap out of it.

You deserve better, and God always offers something better. Don’t compromise to settle for lesser things.


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