friday morning calling

Oct 4th – Friday – Leviticus 18:19-30

It’s easy to think – why are we reading this? What is this proving to me as a modern day reader? But the pursuit of holiness and purity is a higher calling. Our Living Life QT book says this in today’s devotional essay:

“In your pursuit of holiness and purity as Christians, we must remember that this is not a matter of following a list of rules or achieving moral perfection. We are holy because God graciously opened our eyes to our sinfulness and made us righteous by the blood of His Son. We are set apart because God has chosen us to be His people, called to pursue His purpose in a world that hates and rejects Him. From a superficial perspective, we may look quite similar to the “good people” of this world, but the difference lies in the why of what we do and the who we do it for.”

We are held accountable to a higher standard. And the struggle and sacrifice to meet these standards is always worthy of our time, effort and energy because we do it for the one that hung on that tree for us.


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