the long goodbye

Earlier this year, a seminary professor that I’ve come to appreciate passed away.

Dr. David Powlison

It was Fall 2014 when my friend recommended to me that I take his class.

“He’s getting really sick Jongdae, we don’t know when it might be his last time teaching this class.”

I’ve only read his books as per the CCEF requirements for MDiv students. I’ve always appreciated his prose. His writing is a masterclass in communication. He’s not a pastor of this earth. He really dedicated his life and work to God’s calling to love and serve the broken.

It wasn’t until I started taking his class that I soon realized what the hype was about.

At the point at which he knew his life was facing the end of the proverbial road, his response to staring death in the face was that of quiet tenacity that only a true man of God could contend. We all knew what he was fighting, but he still lectured with fire and passion.

..oh death where is your sting..

In the last few words that he would share, shortly before his passing, Dr Powlison wrote:

..And what a joy it will be to see him face to face.

The ultimate end of life means to look intently into the loving face of God, even if the means leaves us with earthly sorrow.

For what heavenly ends could be drowned out by man’s sadness when such sadness forever pales in the face of Love that knows no end.

Today was a sobering. Your incredible example and ministry, in life and death, always led us back to the cross of Christ.

Thank you David


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