with grace

When we look back and reflect on our younger selves, we often cringe and feel the skin crawl as the regret becomes a real weight on our souls.

We often ask ourselves..

What were we thinking?

Did we even think back then? I wonder..

In house church today, our host shared about how Michelle Obama loves to journal as well. (this piece of trivia brings me genuine joy) And something was brought up that made me pause.

When she looks back on her previous entries, she sees her younger self with balance. The regret is unavoidable but she also shows her younger self a lot of grace.

When we were young, we wrote like we were younger and so our writing back then can only reflect those past moments crystalized in time.

It’s not about getting it perfectly the first time around, but it just may be, that the point of it is that we should appreciate just how far we’ve come by using these cringe posts as a point of reference.

It’s okay to be tethered to our past, because often this is what keeps us grounded.

I think.

Or I could just be completely wrong.


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