And even when the thunderous doubt seizes the momentum we’ve been yearning to envision, it will be the king of my heart that will declare my victory and lay before me my mission. For what I hope to earn, pales in comparison to the present and coming glory, for this gift – imparted to me by grace – will forever be my testimony. Thus my eyes will be fixated on the radiance of my savior’s face, for he has overcome the depths of my sin and shame so that I can run this race. And yet no matter what contends to see the light from the shadows of my soul, my king stands far above and greater than what could possibly take hold.

I belong to my king and he has bound himself to me. For our relationship is that of trust and he has surely set me free.

The tempest may be at pause but the horizon is often unforgiving, because what lies ahead will all be challenges that will frustrate our goals for living.

So I intercede to see and seek the will of my Heavenly Father, to learn and find that despite all my failures, by grace, I will grow stronger.

despite it all, cheers

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