sR: pavement break

The whole day was meant to represent an instagram guided tour of Seattle.

To discover what everyone found delicious and worthy of sharing.

It was okay.

But a great start to my day was found at the Central Library right up the hill from the coffee shop I couldn’t get to because of the parking.

But wow Seattle parking though.

The building was crazy interesting looking and I hadn’t planned on it but I had to stop by.

Just a library, books and people – bits of interesting architecture here and there but then I got here:

Processed with VSCO with p8 preset

I’ve never been amazed by escalators. You get on it, you go up or down, you get off. Okay, not rocket science but simple enough premise to make vertical transportation a little easier: I get it.

But as the escalator climbed up the narrow concrete hallways the opening showed the roof of the library building. And I was stuck.

I think I rode that escalator about five more times.

Yes, I looked crazy but it was so fascinating.

No real reflections here.

Just had fun today

The city was interesting but you know how much can I really talk about food and walking?


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