It’s so nice to have a sense of balance again

Ive been out of whack for the past two weeks and change.

My mind was away but now I’m back.

Here’s where I’ve been:

distractions are a painful reality


I have no easy or simple way to resolve this. I think that in the moment, the details that bog down those moments, help us to see that life is not as elegant as we wish for. It’s emotional baggage that comes with being alive.

So here’s my comprehensive review of human emotions playing a pivotal role in my life thus far:



Had another conversation last night.

It was so eye-opening because I noticed something about pain.

Pain is our body expressing (more like reacting to) something that our mouths cannot.

Pain is also quickest way to seek or offer sympathy.

Is this the right time to express the notion of a double edged sword?

In excruciating detail, here is where I land on pain from a personal perspective. Even when details don’t work out, I find myself in significant amounts of pain, albeit unnecessary. Pain is the expression of something that our words cannot quantify or qualify. It has no proper place in life but it finds its place anyways. It’s something that you cannot rid but it’s something that also makes you feel alive. You feel something and you’re reacting to something. Even if it’s in a painful manner, your soul is being moved and you heart earnestly seeks shelter and comfort.

I am in pain.

me again

Refreshingly so, it’s been six years since I last felt or reacted this way.

There is no explanation to where I land and there is absolutely no guarantee how things will turn out but in classic “jongdae” fashion, I am in pain and in need of relief. I will seek the worship that always soothes my soul and brings me back around but I am in pain. And I’ve never felt more alive.

I found something that I lost six years ago and I hope that this moves my life forward – for better or for worse.

not the greatest way to finish off today’s post but for now,


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