The air-conditioning decided to be a little bit weaker today.

The worship is hitting a peak and the sweat is starting to gather on some of the students’ foreheads as the new pastor is nervously waiting his turn to ascend the pulpit for this week’s message.

This week is 2 of however many more sermons he has to preach.

There’s no way of knowing these things. There’s no way of predicting these things.

Often I told myself, one more week and I’ll quit. It’ll all be over and I’ll be able to move on peacefully.

But “one more week” turned into 8 years.

3 years longer than what I expected.

3 years longer than what I wanted.

Often I hear these words:

Aren’t you excited? We’re excited

But why?

What do you know that I don’t?

Did I miss the memo?

But you get to hand it off to someone that you know and trust! Everything has come full circle!


I know the world of pain coming his way.

And so this just might be why.

For the first time, I’m really experiencing something:


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