we just sat there in silence

it was the end of our biggest event

the kids were outside enjoying the weather playing and watching basketball

we all had stomachs full of bbq

and maybe still on that emotional high of a job well done

it was also the end of an era for us

we knew this was coming for over half a year

we danced around and toward this date with quiet reservation

we knew it had to happen but we didn’t want it to end

he approached me with a box of his things and dragged out a final “it’s time”

I asked him quickly to come up to my room and before I knew it we were sitting in my office

the tension was thick and palpable – we didn’t know what to say

I finally broke the silence and said, “I can’t believe this is it”

He looked up and said, “Nothing but good things, good memories – all three years was like a dream”

I fought back tears as I offered to pray for him one last time

we both concluded with a shaky but hearty ‘amen’

what else was there to say? we had a great run

and as memories flooded in a pure moment of appreciation

our eyes couldn’t bear to make eye contact

and we just sat there in silence

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