old friends

Had a chance to catch up with an old friend

7 years overdue

We picked up right where we left off and it was so beautiful to take our sweet time catching up

It wasn’t intended but it happened and now I want more.

Friendship is so important – I really took it for granted..

Passion doesn’t communicate

But it does – to friends.

When I think about just how much my life was made harder and harder by people who confused passion for just cause – I always found myself butting heads with people who wanted to be right but they never wanted to get it right

But talking to my friend, I got really passionate and he just sat there listening

Maybe he’s just super patient with me out of love and grace

Or maybe passion does communicate

Timing is everything

How does one accurately gauge timing?

Today, my passion communicated clearly – It was what my friend needed and wanted during this season in his life.

I saw that and I addressed it directly.

We connected, it happened – and the timing happened without our effort or concern

Is life always this random?

I know that a moment can’t be manufactured but damn.

Today, passion communicated and I couldn’t be more thankful.

But why are moments like this so far and few between?

More questions for another day…


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