sometimes we all need a break

from people, from things – sometimes a palate cleanser is necessary

I think there are wise ways to go about it, there are also selfish ways to go about this.

And yes nobody is perfect so however your need for a break manifests, just take it

take a walk and figure things out

I am of the opinion that achieving balance in our lives cannot be a wholly pleasant experience. Sometimes pruning is needed – I ask myself often, who or what do I need to cut out when I feel bogged down.

And oftentimes, God makes that list of potential things I need to cut.

I probably don’t have the courage to actually do it – there are too many instances where I was tempted to cut the big man out. And of course, I’ve tried.

I’m not sure cutting God out is such a wise course of action: I’ve seen and experienced too much. But I think it’s healthy to question where you are and where you are trying to go. Yes, I fully believe that it is essentially healthy to question our pursuit of a higher being and understanding.

I bring this up because a dear friend of mine is in need of this break.

rest easy friend, I’ll be here waiting


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