Our struggle is not with the problem itself but the struggle is often all about what the problem says about us..

I’ve repeated this in sermons and counseling moments over and over.

I know what it means, you know what it means

But do we really?

Problems, as they usually are, require and thus they are met with a simple solution. But it’s the nuance required to tackle these problems that always give me pause. A very frustrating, swear-inducing moment of pause.

I’m a “let’s hammer this fucking nail already” kind of guy.

Most problems require more delicate approaches.

So most of the time, in my hesitation from being stuck between what I want to do versus what’s typically required of me, I find myself seeking clarity more often than not.

If you can’t tell by now, there’s some shit going down at the moment.

 what am I really worried about?
  • I can’t manage every problem around me, and I still try anyway.
  • I’m all about the ends justifying the means
  • I’m angry and rash – this has never worked in my favor
So how can I fix this?

One evening I offered this question to my mother seeking some sage advice.

She simply replied:

hey dummy, just pray

thanks mom

I should really get this tattoo’d somewhere


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